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Frugal Gift Ideas- Crafter's Paradise

Frugal Gift Ideas- Crafter's Paradise

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The very act of giving makes people feel appreciated, regardless of the gift item. So before you go spending next month's mortgage payment on holiday or gratitude gifts, remember that, often, the most treasured presents are gifts from the heart. Stitchnsave is famous for our creative and beautiful gifts and crafts made on a budget. Browse through our site for hundreds of fabulously frugal gift ideas and find the perfect one for you. Here are a few of our favorite frugal gifts. (Note: Many of the ideas listed below can be found in greater length on our site.)

Accessories- People love to accessorize, but seldom want to spend the money on anything unnecessary. A macrame belt, beaded jewelry, or bag makes a fantastically frugal gift that will be used over and over again.

Baby blankets-Baby blankets made from fleece, trimmed with a nice stitching or decorated with the baby's initials create a soft and sweet baby present that is certainly one of the most adored frugal gifts you can give.

Baskets- Throwing together a few theme-based items in a pretty arrangement, tied together with a bow, dried flower or other small embellishment, makes an impressive presentation and a well-received gift.

Decorative pillows- These can be fancy or funky depending on who is receiving them. Make throw pillows, body pillows or decorative couch pillows from your own handiwork.

Decorative recipe book- This is great for a newly married woman or a friend you know who is trying to learn how to cook. The new husband will appreciate the gift, as well!

Homemade crafts- People love receiving homemade gifts that are well made. If you have a hobby that you are particularly good at, why not share the wealth with friends? A mosaic, stenciled tile, beaded art, decoupaged, macramed, or sewed item, or a collage of special photos can really look professional, and will be a unique and one of a kind gift that will be appreciated and cherished for years to come.

Photo album or picture frame- People love looking back over the years through the glossy lens of a photograph. Share fond memories and preserve those special moments with a decorated photo album or picture frame. Both these projects can be made from scratch with items you have around the house. Be creative, it won't go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Magnets- For those friends and relatives who are always in a hurry, give them a gift they can use to hang reminders, schedules and notes in a prominent place. Magnets can be made from clay, craft foam, yarn, or any other crafting material with a little adhesive and a magnetic strip. Photos also make adorable fridge magnets.

Scented candles- Aromatic and calming, scented candles are certainly some of the most elegant frugal gifts that you can give. Make candles with any scent and in whatever color the recipient likes best. Placed on a simple piece of tissue paper, wrapped with a ribbon, or stacked decoratively, these beautiful gifts can be used as decor items or to soothe a stressful day.

Scrapbook- About as sentimental as you can get, scrapbooks are jam-packed with memories, anecdotes, photos, and memorabilia of good times shared. These are fun to make and always heart warming gifts.

Table linens- With a nice piece of material and a unique pattern, you can make stunning table linens. A personalized set of table clothes, napkins, placemats, or runners can dress up an ordinary table, making any day or meal a celebration.

Video greetings- This is certainly the most frugal gift on our list, but can often be the most beloved one to receive. For friends and relatives who never get to see the kids or the family, a well thought out and heartfelt video message can be the highlight of someone's year.

Don't forget the ribbon. An elegant bow or well-placed ribbon can even make a pen look dressy, and some nice personalized wrapping paper will make the most ordinary gift really stand out.

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