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Free Macrame Patterns Windsock

Free Macrame Patterns Windsock

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Windsocks can be made from nearly any material, using a number of crafty skills, and fashioned in all sorts of designs. This festive pattern is easy to make and fun to watch! Make a holiday-themed decoration or choose any three colors you like for a lovely macrame windsock design.

What you'll need:

58" of each color (three colors is recommended)

6" metal ring

micro rubber bands


1. Cut 16 strands of each color, 3 ½ yards/strand. In groups of eight, attach to the metal ring using larkshead knots (the pattern you will have at the end is 8 strands of color#1, 8 strands of color #2, 8 strands of color #3, 8 strands of color #1, 8 strands of color #2, 8 strands of color #3), giving you a total of 96 strands hanging down.

2. Tie 12 rows of square knots all around. (Note: This is the end of the macrame portion of the project, but you can go ahead and knot as many rows as you want before you go on to the next step.)

3. For each color section, do the following: leave the first cord alone, working with cords 2-7, braid all the way down to till you have about 10" left of cord. Leave cord 8 alone, and do the same thing with cords 9-14. Go around the ring, following this pattern to create the body of your windsock. Tie each braid with miniature rubber bands, and then wrap the cord around a few times to conceal.

4. Fringe or singe the bottom tassels.

5. Cut another 3' of each color and braid, leaving enough room on either end to attach using an overhand knot to each side of the ring. This braided cord can be used to hang your finished project.

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