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Free Macrame Patterns: Dragonfly

Free Macrame Patterns: Dragonfly

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These super simple free macrame patterns are not just fun crafts for you and your kids, they might just get you out of a sticky situation one day. The next time your son tells you you're a mean mommy for not letting him keep that slimy slug or angry yellow jacket as a pet, tell him you have something even better. Tell him that you have an exciting dragonfly that he can keep for his very own. Give him this handmade critter and tell him he can keep it in his room, take it to school, and care for it always. He may not enjoy the jest, but these are quick and easy to make, and the cutest darn bugs you'll ever see!

Before you get started, you should have all your supplies ready. All you need is some cord and beads. Choose bright colors or neon shades for your beads and cordage to really create the dragonfly appearance.

Here is how it's done:

  1. First, take a single cord and make an "m" type shape. That is, make three loops, the left and right loops opening down, and the middle loop opening up. What you're doing essentially is making four cords to work with from one cord. With this setup, you now have two "worker" cords, and two "filler cords. Make sense?
  2. Slide two identical beads onto the left and right loops (the top of the two worker cords). These will be your dragonfly's eyes.
  3. Next, tie two or three square knots, pushing each one up to tighten as you work. These will form the head of your dragonfly.
  4. Now you are going to form the wings by making a large loop on each side.
  5. Keeping your loops extended out for the wings, tie two more square knots below the wings. You can make a few knots at this point if you'd like to form a gap between the first and second set of wings.
  6. Next, you can form a second pair of wings in nearly the same manner as the first set. Just be sure to make these two loops smaller than the upper wings (basic dragonfly anatomy, of course).
  7. Continue making square knots all the way down the dragonfly's body, or however long you want to make it.
  8. Finally, trim the excess cord and singe or glue the tips, tucking them to the underside so they're out of view. That's it, you have your friendly macramé dragonfly, complete with embellishments.

With time, your son might just get over his initial perturbment, and then, he'll probably want to know how you made the adorable little critter. With these simple instructions, you and your kids can make a whole army of colorful dragonflies.

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