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Easy To Make Stuffed Toys for Kids

Easy To Make Stuffed Toys for Kids

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Your kids are always in need of a healthy outlet to release their ever-flowing creative energies. The summer time is no different. On the contrary, home all day, your kids will be pumped with these juices, and ready to deposit them at any given opportunity. That's why it's so important for you to be prepared. Given the right outlet, your children can create magical and beautiful moments with positive lasting effects. Unfortunately, the opposite is true of ill-prepared parents. Don't let yourself be caught off guard. Our site is brimming over with a plethora of great arts and crafts ideas that you can do with your kids, or give them to do on their own. This article will feature some easy to make stuffed toys for kids.

There are lots of easy to make stuffed toys for kids. You can choose all sorts of shapes and designs to create. If your children like animals, have them make a cat, dog, sheep, or, better still, let them choose their favorite animal to design. If you want the really easy to make stuffed toys for kids, here is the basic recipe.

1.Print out a picture of whichever animal your child is interested in at the time. You should try to print out the front and back images of the animal. This is not necessary, but it adds cute detail. It's best to print a black and white image. Like this, your child can color in the picture however he or she likes.

2. Buy stuffing materials. Now there are a variety of options for this step. If you want to make a soft doll, buy synthetic cotton or poly fill or any soft fluffy filler.

3. Using child-safe scissors, let your child cut out the pictures.

4. Staples are the best way to keep the two sides of the animal together, but you'll need to cover them up with a small piece of scotch tape at the end to keep the project soft. Staple the two sides together about halfway around. Staple the smaller side of the animal (usually the head, but it depends on what position the animal is standing in) together first. This way the paper won't rip during stuffing.

5. Using whatever material you bought, gently stuff the doll. Be careful not to overstuff. For younger children, limit the amount of stuffing you give them, as their sense of proportion is not yet developed. Finish stapling the rest of the doll. Apply the scotch tape as explained above, and that's it!

Another day, you child can make and cut out clothing for his/her doll. These easy to make stuffed toys for kids can be given to children from ages four and up, and can be done with very minimal assistance. Six and up can do it on their own. And remember, you can print out whatever picture your child enjoys; it doesn't have to be an animal.

If you want a little bit more of a challenge for your older kids, here are some more easy to make stuffed toys for kids. For an even cuddlier stuffed doll, make the above project with material instead of paper and needle and thread in place of staples. Print out the picture as above. Using fleece, flannel or other soft material, have your child lay the printout on top of the material, and cut out the shape. Use fabric marker or permanent marker to add the details such as eyes, nose, and mouth. The stapler is replaced by needle and thread (if you are very ambitious and have younger children, you can punch holes around the perimeter of the doll cut out and buy a child-safe needle. Like this, even your four year old can enjoy the art of sewing!) Stuff and seal as above. For added fun, you can use thick yarn to make hair or attach buttons or other accessories to your stuffed doll. This project is really nice, one that will be kept for years and years!

Another option for easy to make stuffed toys for kids is a noisemaker. Not the traditional stuffed toy, noisemakers provide hours of fun for children with energy or imagination (which is really all kids!) Paper plates work great for these projects. Buy the plain white ones so your child can color them in first. Use any kind of dried beans or beads that you can find. Staple two plates together almost entirely, leaving only a small hole open. Pour the beads or beans into the opening (use a funnel if the beads give you trouble), and finish stapling. If you want to give this homemade tambourine some more pizzazz, you can punch holes all around the plate and attach colorful strings or ribbons. Be sure to punch holes over the staples so nothing falls out. Stickers are also a fun way to decorate for kids.

Easy to make stuffed toys for kids are just a few ideas you can use to help everyone enjoy the summer months. You and your kids work hard all year. Let the summer be the vacation it was intended to be. Keep checking in for more great projects, and fun things to do with your kids!

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