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Dried Flowers Elegance

Dried Flowers Elegance

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Drying flowers is an easy project to do, one that really only takes a few minutes, and the end results are stunning. By the end of this article, you'll know how to dry flowers on your own. With relatively no effort you will be left with a gorgeous bouquet that can be used as a centerpiece for an affair, end table focus, or decoration on cards, letters, or scrapbooks. The beauty of dried flowers is that they are both pleasing to the eyes and the nose. Dried flowers retain their naturally beautiful colors, and the aroma lingers as well. Many types of flowers dry well. You can dry sentimental bouquets, or you can pick flowers for a fresh assortment that is all your own.

This first method we have will show you how to dry flowers easily. Other methods involve different procedures and may take longer or shorter depending on conditions involved. Remove excess foliage and cut the stems (not too short, you want a nice long stem). Tie a string or rubber band around a group of flowers. Make sure the string is not so tight that it digs into the stems. Next, hang the bunches upside down in a dry place. The hotter the room, the faster the process will go, but direct sunlight is also not good for dried flowers. Leave them in their dry place undisturbed. This part of the process could take anywhere from seven days to a month, depending on the temperature of the room and type of flowers. Once they've dried, you can cut the flowers free and gently arrange them into your desired bouquet.

Silica gel is another option. This drying agent is used by laying the flowers in a bed of silica and delicately applying the gel onto the flowers. Leave it on for a few days; three or four days may be enough to achieve desired results. It is important not too leave the gel on for too long or flowers will crack, so check your projects often. A cheaper and safer option is replacing the gel with sand. Place your sunflowers, for example, in a bed of sand and sprinkle a thin layer of sand on top. With sand, you don't have the risk of drying out your buds, but it is heavier than the gel and can sometimes damage delicate buds. You can also press flowers wrapped in wax paper between the pages of a heavy book. This method is good for lilies and other delicate buds.

Don't let the memories of that unbelievable birthday, engagement, or graduation wilt with the blossoms. Preserve them forever with your own hand made dried bouquet. Now that you know how to dry flowers, you never have to let a beautiful blossom fade again.

Tips and ideas:

You can spray your dried flowers with hair spray to make them more durable and easier to handle.

Some people enjoy scenting their dried flowers with perfume or other fragrances to enhance or prolong the pleasant aroma.

Glue single dried flowers or flower petals to a plain card or piece of stationary to add interest and create a personalized and original effect.

Make drying flowers a fun and exciting project you can do with your kids. Take a nature walk and pick flowers that you enjoy. On your own this will be a peaceful stroll, every bit as therapeutic as a shrink (and far less expensive). And with the kids, the sky's the limits. Spend quality time learning about different flowers and plants or just enjoy the time outdoors together before the winter chill settles in. Collect all your flowers and dry them together for a handpicked bouquet that you and your kids will adore.

If you are picking your own flowers for drying from the ground, here's a neat trick. Pick flowers slightly before they've budded to perfection. Since flowers tend to continue the opening process while they dry, if you pick them too late (i.e. when they look gorgeous), by the time your flowers have dried, they will be past the optimum stage. And isn't our goal to capture that perfect floral moment for all eternity?

Late morning is the best time to pick flowers because the buds will be dried from the morning dew but not dried out from a day in the sun.

Make potpourri from your dried flower petals. Place in a small mesh or cloth bag or in a shallow dish for decoration and aroma.

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