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Crafts With Yarn

Crafts With Yarn

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Yarn crafts are fun and usually simple to make. Yarn is a wonderful crafting material because it is cheap and easy to work with. There is a wide array of crafts with yarn available from simple clothing and bag embellishments to wall hangings and room décor. Here are a few yarn craft ideas to help get everyone into the crafting spirit.


Lacing card games- These are fantastic crafts with yarn that will enhance fine motor skills in young children. Draw or print a picture onto a piece of cardboard. Punch holes throughout the picture, and have children lace thread through the holes to complete the picture. This is a similar activity to connect the dots only more tactile.

Wrapped jewelry- These are super simple yarn crafts. Buy a strap of leather bracelet or use a piece of cardboard or material that you can attach a snap to. Using multicolored yarn, start wrapping the yarn around the bracelet or anklet in tight succession (not so tight that the strap starts to warp, though). Start from one end of the clasp, and work your way all the way across to the other end, covering the entire length of strap. Catch loose ends underneath subsequent wraps. These are beautiful, ethnic and fun presents to share with friends.

Friendship pens- Friendship pens lend a unique twist to the traditional friendship bracelet and they're even useful to have around. Similar to wrapped jewelry, you will be wrapping single or multi-colored yarn around the frame of the pen. With pens, however, you should apply a super thin layer of glue every inch or so to keep the yarn in place. Pull the yarn tightly as you wrap around. Glue down the end, and add beads or other embellishments. Leave extra length of yarn to make tassels.

Cute critters- These floppy guys (perfect for pups, bugs and other critters) are not much more than a ball of yarn and some googly eyes, but they are too cute for words. Add some craft foam details such as feet, ears and a nose, and you have the gosh-darn cutest critter you'll ever find! Wrap your yarn (single or multiple colors depending on which critter you are making), approximately 100 times around a 5" piece of cardboard. Run a small piece of yarn under the cardboard and tie it tightly around the whole bunch of yarn. Turn cardboard over and cut the yarn so that you create a pompom. Glue your yarn pompom onto a Styrofoam ball or a section of egg carton for shape and form. Add the craft foam extras now, as well as googly eyes, cotton balls and any other details. Use pipe cleaners for ears, tail or other upright or bendable features.

CRAFTS WITH YARN FOR OLDER KIDS (60+ is still an older kid):

Dolls- These are also simply adorable yarn crafts and they make great gift items. Cut a piece of cardboard as your template the height that you want your yarn craft doll to be. Wrap your yarn around the length of the cardboard approximately 25 times. Tie a small piece of yarn around the center of the bundle of wrapped yarn. This is going to be the doll's waist. About half way up from this point, tie another small piece of yarn around the bundle again, creating the neck. Collect approximately 10 pieces of yarn from the left and right sides of the bundle to make the arms. Trim the length you like, and tie off about 1" from the ends to make wrists. Finally, cut the bottom loop of the bundle so the yarn is open on the bottom end. From the waist down, divide the bundle into two sections (forming the left and right leg), and tie off each bundle about 1" from the bottom for ankles. You now have the form for your yarn craft doll. You can add another color yarn to the head to make hair, wrap a third color yarn around the top half for a shirt and yet another color for pants or a skirt. Add details such as eyes, a mouth and accessories as you see fit.

Trivets- You'll need two jumbo craft sticks and yarn in whichever colors you like. Adhere one craft stick to the other in an "x" shape. Glue the end of the yarn to the center of the "x" (if you are too impatient to wait for the glue to dry, you can just catch the end underneath subsequent wraps). Go over and around each end of the craft sticks, working your way around the "x" in concentric circles. Pull the yarn tightly each time you go around, pushing each layer towards the center as you go around. You can add colors by incorporating the beginning end of the new color underneath the last few wraps of the old color. Tie off and trim or glue the final end.

Luggage tags- Cut a circle from cardboard and paper to desired measurements. Glue the paper to one side of the cardboard and allow to dry. Once dry, punch a hole near the outer edge of the circle. Work on the side of cardboard that doesn't have paper attached. Using a little bit of glue, adhere the tip of your yarn to the center of the circle. Continue gluing down the yarn in a spiraling circle until the entire cardboard is covered. While waiting for this to dry, take three strands of yarn and knot one end. Braid these strands together, knotting at the final end, as well. Finally, fold the braid in half and run it through the yarn and punched hole in the cardboard. Pull the ends of the braid through the loop to secure and cover any cardboard that is left revealed. Leave the paper side uncovered as a nametag.


Pompom characters such as chicks, bunnies and frogs (so cute!)

Clothespin dolls

Traditional friendship bracelets, macramed

Braided bookmarks, key chains, zipper pulls (beads and other embellishments welcome)

You can also wrap nearly anything with colorful yarn and make it a trendy and totally unique gift or decor item. Take old cans, jars or bottles and create stunning penholders, paperweights and desk organizers.

Tassels for curtain pulls, hats and more

Add to one-dimensional pictures for a unique raised effect

Woven yarn basket

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