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Closet Organizers

Closet Organizers

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Springtime always brings about that need for order and cleanliness. Time to organize the kids' toys, books, and clothes. Time to sift through all the kitchen pots, pans, utensils, and assorted other items that have never been used (but you're keeping around for that one time when you just might need it!) Along your valiant quest for tidiness, you will inevitably stumble upon The Closet. If you are like me (and about 99% of the real world, as well!) you have at least one of The Closet(s) in your home. It might be filled with linen, disposable plates, cups, and cutlery, various canned, boxed, or packaged goods, old notebooks and papers, you name it. The contents are irrelevant. What matters is that it is the place to store something when you just don't want to think about it. Well, sister, now it's time to start thinking because that closet has gone on strike. And if you are ever going to achieve that Martha Stewart home you've always dreamed of, you are going to have to tackle this hurdle.

You know the cliches 'a place for everything and everything in its place' (why can't that place be in somebody else's house?) You've read all the articles 'A messy room is a messy mind. An organized room will lead to a more productive. . .' yada yada yada. You are desperately searching for some wisdom, some solution to this ever-mounting Jaba the Hut of a problem you are facing. I can't offer you all the answers, but below you will find some great organizational tips you can employ to attain that neat and tidy feel you've been searching for!

Collapsible closet organizers are by far the most convenient form of aid to any organizational catastrophe. There when you need a little extra shelf space, and easily stowed away when the necessity is gone, collapsible organizers are all the craze. I went out and bought two sets of my own. Mine come with a Velcro latch-on hook that will attach neatly to a rod or pole. Hooks and strings are other forms for hanging your shelves. These shelves can be used for books, papers, shoes, accessories, articles of clothing, and more. Versatile and convenient, collapsibles are a must for one bent on an orderly closet space.

Other closet organizers that do wonders for an upside down space are drawers on wheels. Easily stored, and even easier to access, drawers on wheels will hold all your sundry items in a neat compact manner. When you aren't using these items, roll the drawers to the back of the closet, out of sight, and mind! When you need something from inside the drawers, simply slide the piece back out, and instantly find what you are looking for. It is as simple as that! A variation of this wonderful order-maker is the baskets on wheels idea. This is the exact same concept, only in place of drawers baskets are perched. This model is better for more regularly used items such as shoes, fashion accessories, and food items. The open basket style lends itself to more repeated use.

If the closet you are straightening up has shelves built in, take advantage of this ready-made organizing tool. Decide what is imperative and what really isn't that important (but is still worth hanging on to). Place the lesser-used items in the back and on the upper shelves, leaving the front and easily reachable spaces open for more frequently used things. Plastic containers and wooden boxes make for excellent organizers. The stackable kinds work great with or without shelving. Use clear plastic if you can find them. This way you will be able to know what is inside at a glance. Regardless, make a neat list of items that are being kept in each container so as not to lose track of small or seldom used things.

Here are some more tips that might help all the desperate closet organizers out there:

Don't be afraid to throw things out. If it's been sitting in that closet for this long, no one is missing it!

Try making a list of the contents of the closet (or area) you are trying to organize. This doesn't work for everyone, but, often, you will be able to refer to your list instead of searching through the shelves, invariably causing chaos and disorganization once again.

Start clean. When I am organizing a specific area, it always helps me to take everything out, separate into piles of similar items, and start with an empty surface. In this way, you know exactly what you are dealing with (I hate it when I've alphabetized, color-coordinated, and height-ordered every item in the pantry, only to find one lone can of cream of mushroom soup has evaded me!), and how much room you have to manipulate. This may look like you're creating a bigger mess initially, but you will see that it really helps to keep you focused and organized.

Do a good deed. For those useless items of yours too precious to simply fling to the trash heap, make someone else happy. Donate to the homeless or needy any old clothing or items that are of no use to you or anyone in your family. Remember 'one man's trash is another one's treasure'. Careful, though, make sure that pile actually gets to the charity box! Don't let it sit in your house for months haughtily mocking your efforts towards cleanliness.

Use containers that are the appropriate size and shape for the space allotted.

Keep that old cliche in mind when rearranging your things. 'Does this really belong in the place I'm putting it?' 'Is there a better home for my son's first failed science experiment?' Make sure you are using the space that you are given properly.

These are just a few ideas to help you get this project started. Don't let that closet or pantry be a thorn in your side forever. You have the secret to tackling that sucker. Now all you need is a weekend and a positive attitude to get the job done. Here's something to remember that ought to give you a little boost. No matter how bad a shape your closet seems to be, there's always another one out there in some foreign country that's even worse!

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