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Clay Art for Everyone

Clay Art for Everyone

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Kids and adults love to make clay art for a number of reasons. The results are beautiful, and modeling clay is so much fun to work with. Smaller kids will enjoy squishing the sculpting clay between their fingers (a great tactile motors skill), and older kids and adults will enjoy crafting unique clay art and decorating their clay projects after they've dried. Below, find a few recipes that you can use to make clay using ingredients you probably have around the house. Further down, you can get a bunch of clay crafts and projects that everyone can enjoy making together.

Easy to make clay recipes:

While the amounts vary, the ingredients are pretty much the same for all recipes: water, flour, salt, oil, and cream of tartar (cream of tartar and baking soda are often used for the same thing.)


Mix the following ingredients and cook over low heat until mixture thickens.

* 1 cup salt

* 1 cup flour

* 1 cup water

* Food coloring, optional

Cool before using.


4 cups flour

1 cup of salt

1 cups of water

Mix all the ingredients and knead until the dough becomes a clay-like consistency. Store in airtight container. Baking time: approximately 1 hour, allow to cool completely before decorating. Use acrylic paints


3 flour

cup of salt

1 tablespoon of cream of tarter

2 tablespoons of oil

2 cups of water

Food coloring

Boil water and food coloring. When boiled, remove from heat and add oil. Next add your dry ingredients (previously mixed), mixing until it is thoroughly combined. Let it cool for a minute or two and knead to the appropriate consistency. This craft clay should be air-dried, not baked.


- Clay jewelry and beads are probably some of the most popular clay crafts. Roll the sculpting clay flat using a rolling pin or other heavy item such as a soda bottle. Once flattened, you can make clay beads and clay jewelry such as barrettes, necklaces, and decorative buttons. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes. When making buttons, be sure to poke buttonholes into the shape before allowing to dry. Make clay beads using various colors of your modeling clay. Lay strips of clay on top of one another and roll out for unique color combinations. Be sure to poke a hole through the center using a needle or skewer, depending on how thick your beading thread is.

- Clay pots are a close competition for clay beads and clay jewelry. Not only are clay pots fun to make and beautiful flower holders, but also they can be used for hundreds of adorable uses, shapes and characters. Make zany faces and accessories to add on to your clay pots. Turn upside down, stack and layer your clay craft pots for even more options. Visit this site, for loads of unique clay craft ideas that have been tried and tested.

- Make clay dishes using your homemade clay. You can use your imagination to make free style plates, bowls and cups or you can make clay dishes using bendable wire frames. Shape the bendable wire into the skeleton for the clay tableware of your choice, and then spread the modeling clay over the frame. After drying, the frame can be removed. For a chic dish, you can make coils from your bendable wire, and leave in after cooling.

- Baby's hand/foot prints make fantastic gifts for grandparent or godparent, proud aunts and uncles, and anyone else who just can't get enough of your baby boy or girl. This is also fun to do with young children. Keep these handprints in a baby book to look back on when children grow older.

- Clay letters are always fun to make. Make clay letters to spell out a child's name or make giant letters for the first letter of each child's name. This is also a fabulous way to teach kids letter recognition.

- Picture frames made from sculpting clay have that genuine homemade look that is truly sentimental. You can make clay frames in the traditional shape or create personalized shapes to fit the occasion or recipient. This is one clay project you will be making over and over again.

- Ornaments, magnets, figurines, and candleholders are all great modeling clay crafts that are simple to make and hours of fun for you and your kids.

Make clay in large quantities and store the extra in airtight containers for later use. Once you begin making these fun-filled clay crafts, you and your kids will find that you have quickly developed a new favorite hobby!

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