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Cheap Wigs

Cheap Wigs

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The cheapest wigs are synthetic. There are two categories of cheap wigs; the nice cheap wigs and the 'fresh out of the broom closet' cheap wigs. If you're looking for really cheap wigs both in price and in look, go to wig outlets, or costume shops. These are good places to find cheap wigs for one time usage, costume parties, or times when you just need something in a pinch.

If you're looking for cheap wigs that look decent but are relatively inexpensive, it might require a bit of work. You may have to do a lot of shopping around, either in your neighborhood or online.

You will get the best results by actually going into wig stores. Here you can see the product with your own eyes, feel for quality of hair and durability of make, and even try on a wig to see which will work best with your face and stature. Ask around, talk to your local beautician and beauty parlor constituents, as well as friends, neighbors, co-workers. You'd be surprised who will give you the best lead. Learn from the experience of others.

If you can't get out, or prefer the convenience of online shopping, be aware of a common misconception: you can't believe everything you read. Many sites will claim to be the number one importer of fine European-hair wigs or the employers of top of the line wig makers. More often than not, such hype is a clear sign of fallacy. Quality products do not require flashing lights and bold statements, they just sell themselves. Remember you are looking for an inexpensive wig, not a poorly made item. Bear in mind, also, that this is often a novelty item, and many companies will create a light, colorful and fun website to match the product style. This is not a sign of poor quality, but good marketing. The best way to ensure the value of a wig is to look into a site, their suppliers, and products before making a purchase.

One way that you can give cheap wigs a more realistic appearance is by accessorizing. Use make up, costume items and props to create a true-to-life costume. Use jewelry, and hair accessories to make an everyday wig more natural. And don't be afraid to play around with your wig. If you want people to think a wig is your natural hair, lightly curl a few random hairs, or brush a few back from your face. Real hair does not sit perfectly, and a wig that does will let the cat out of the bag!

Here are some of the best-priced wigs on the net.

This site is a great example of quality web commerce A family-owned business, Annie's Costumes gives a lengthy explanation on their about page, has an organized, comprehensive, informative and attractive website, and customer-friendly ordering. All these aspects are signs of quality and dependability.

Here is an example of a site that takes full advantage of the novelty aspect of wigs. Have fun browsing through thousands of you're your favorite character wigs.

This site isn't so cheap, but this link is their sale page is pretty moderately priced. The quality seems pretty decent, though.

As mentioned, cheap wigs are just that. As the old saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'. Don't expect cheap wigs, even the good quality ones, to last forever. These wigs are inexpensive enough, though, for you to have lots of fun and create plenty of memories to look back on. Read more about fun and practical uses of wigs and wig care.

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