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Chambray Overview

Chambray is a fine, lightweight fabric designed from cotton. It is made with a dyed warp (lengthwise strands of the loom) and a white or unbleached filling (horizontal strands.) Chambray can also be woven using an alternating white and colored warp. Both carded and combed yarns are used, with a white selvage (edge of fabric.) The weave is either plain or dobby (comprised of small, geometric figures) on a plain-weave ground. Chambray can be designed with stripes or checks, or embroidered.

Chambray Characteristics

Chambray is a strong fabric with a smooth surface, designed with a tight weave. The material is soft and comfortable, with a slight luster. Chambray has very soft coloring, which causes it to appear with a faded look. Chambray is easy to sew and wears well, yet wrinkles easily unless crease resistant.

Chambray History

Chambray originated in Cambrai, Northern France, where the fabric was first designed and used to create sunbonnets.

What is Chambray used for?

Chambray is used to design children's wear, sportswear, dresses, men's shirts, blouses and aprons. Chambray can also be used in home dיcor-napkins, curtains, bed skirts and pillowcases can be created using Chambray. Chambray has both dressy and casual applications-it can be used in the design of tailored suits or jackets, or for a more casual skirt, button up shirt, shorts or swimsuit.

Washing and Care of Chambray

Medium machine wash 60 degrees

Hot iron whilst damp

Tumble dry or hang to dry

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