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Ceiling Arts and Crafts

Ceiling Arts and Crafts

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Ceilings, that fifth wall, often go unnoticed and unattended. But the intelligent homeowner will use every opportunity to enhance their home, and ceiling art is no exception. Some might argue, 'Yeah, there's loads you can do with your ceiling if your budget isn't a factor.' However, for the frugal homemaker, there are still plenty of options for creating that gorgeous ceiling art you've always dreamed ofor maybe you haven't.

Everyone needs some help getting started, so here are some ideas you can use as a springboard for your own creative escapade in ceiling art.

Mobiles are the easy and simple way to dress up that ceiling space. You can make adorable mobile ceiling arts and crafts projects together with your kids. Mobiles don't have to be the simple paper and wire hanger displays that your kids bring home, though. You can make beautiful and elaborate mobiles for your ceiling like these. Use silk, vellum or mulberry paper to create stunning floral displays, animal figures or other shapes and images. Attach to silver, gold or other metallic flexible metal wires to attach displays and hang across your ceiling.

Starry skies- Everyone wants to sleep under the stars, and for those of you who think of wilderness as the not so great outdoors, there is still hope. There are many ways to achieve this celestial effect, from adhesive stars and planets to fluorescent paint to a web of miniscule light fixtures. Which you use will depend on just how seriously you will be taking this project.

Clouds-Like the stars, a clear blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds is serene and peaceful, which is why many homeowners love the idea of these ceiling murals. Paint your ceiling a nice shade of sky blue, and wait for this to dry. You can then paint clouds intermittently across the sky or attach large combed cotton balls for added depth. If you are very artistic, you can add details like a bird or shadowing.

Vortexes- Some, not all, people find vortexes relaxing as well. A mesmerizing swirl of colors or abstracts can be calming, and, if nothing else, it will certainly make a great conversation starter.

Room theme continuation- Here is a fun idea that you can really take all the way. The basic idea is to continue the theme of the room onto the ceiling. So, if you were in a game room, you would have a deck of cards, some chess pieces and other game affiliated paraphernalia. On the ceiling, a detailed scene appropriate to the theme should be painted, and then your extras adhered on top of these ceiling murals in corresponding places. For a bedroom, perhaps you would paint a nightstand on the ceiling and attach a pair of glasses a book to the ceiling nightstand. This can get very in depth, if you choose, so have fun and think "off the floor".

Lighting fixtures- You can make a bold statement by simply hanging up an attractive or regal lighting fixture. Even one central fixture can become a focal point and 'brighten up' the entire room.

Acrylic shapes to capture the light- You can create a wonderland of ceiling art using just a few arts and crafts supplies. Acrylic sheets can be cut into any shape and are more durable and lighter than glass, so make better ceiling arts. This is an elaborate example of how to apply this technique, and you can have a blast making your own field of dreams. You needn't go so far as that, though, even a simple central display would be breathtaking and unique.

If you are looking for a fabulous way to open up a small space or create a new focal point, ceiling art and murals are the latest and greatest. Done correctly, ceiling arts can literally make a small room or area seem larger by using visual expansion. We all have a tiny artist inside, why not let yours out and explore the possibilities of totally unique ceiling murals.

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