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Beautiful Macrame Belt Pattern

Beautiful Macrame Belt Pattern

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The best part about making macrame belts is that you can coordinate them perfectly to your wardrobe. That's right, make a macrame belt in your favorite colors or match up the cordage with a specific outfit for a completely synchronized look. So grab your macrame cords and get ready to be the best-dressed gal in town.

Macrame belts can be given a Native American style to them by using beads or feathers to embellish. My favorite knot for macrame belt patterns is the square knot + alternating square knot (I think it gives a solid, functionally and pretty design), so most of the patterns use this combination. Hope you enjoy!

Pattern #1: Braided cord, belt buckle

1. Cut 4 cords approximately 5-7 yards each. Attach each one to a brass, wood, metal or plastic belt buckle by folding in half over the piece and using a larkshead knot.

2. Divide the eight strands into two groups. Make two square knots with one set of four, and then two with the other set.

3. Now we're going to alternate the knots. Take the two right most cords from the left group and the two left most cords from the right group (the four middle strands from all eight, 3-6), and tie two square knots.

4. Repeat this process of 2 square knots then 2 alternate knots until you've gone through the length of cord or until you've reached the desired length for your belt.

5. Finish off by using an overhand knot to secure each strand to the other side of the belt buckle and trimming edges. Beads can be interspersed within this project for added personality.

Pattern#2: Braided cord, 12 beads

1. Measure the length of cord that you want for your belt and then add 26" to the total for each cord. These 26" will later become 13" tassels at either end of the belt.

2. Cut six cords appropriate length and mount to a board (if you use it) approximately 13" from the end of each cord (this is going to be a tassel).

3. Using cords 2-5, make one square knot.

4. Now separate the six cords into two groups of three cords each. Make one square knot in each group (using two worker cords and only one filler cord). Make two alternate square knots using cords 2-5.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you've reached your desired belt length (remember that the belt has to go around your waist, and then have 26" left over, 13" on each side, for tassels), ending with an alternate square knot.

6. Measure approximately 13" of cordage, and trim off the rest evenly.

7. If using a board, remove the belt from the board. Now slide one bead onto each end of cord (12 ends for 6 cords). Make an overhand knot at the base of each cord to ensure the bead does not slip off. Glue down if desired. Wear with pride!

Note: To tie this belt, simply make a loose knot with all or some of the strands. This belt can easily be worn on the waist or hips.

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