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In my eighth month of pregnancy, I realized the importance of a bathmat. When you get to that late stage in the game, your coordination and balance are not as sharp as they usually are. That can, in combination with a slippery soap solution and constantly flowing water, create quite a hazardous situation. A bathmat can easily alleviate this potential nightmare. Bathmats give your feet the opportunity for proper gripping, and allow you to stand confidently in the shower.

In case you thought it was okay to remove that bathmat once the little one arrives, think again. Another lesson I quickly learned was never put your baby into the tub without first applying a secure (and whimsical- after all why shouldn't the baby have some fun too!) adhesive bathmat. Once again, the floor tiles and surface of a bathtub are extremely slippery when wet, and babies and small children (even ones who have a proper grasp of standing and walking) can fall easily without this logical and necessary precaution.

Bathmats come in a variety of fun and colorful shapes and designs. You can get a simple strip of the rubbery plastic in any color to match your bathroom décor. If you have a particular fondness for animals, cut out paw prints are an adorable bathmat idea. If you like the cut out style, but aren't into the paw prints notion, cut outs of fish, stars, and bubbles, as well as others, are also available. Now some of you might be frowning, thinking this very thought. 'The first idea takes up your entire bathtub, and the second just doesn't cover enough.' What should you do? A nice middle road between the scattered cut outs and the solid rectangular mats are shaped bathmats. Bathmats come in all sorts of fun and humorous shapes. Starfish, octopus, whale, walrus, and many other marine life characters create a perfect balance of floor coverage.

Ideally, bathmats should be made from slip-resistant materials only, such as rubber or foam, and have textured details or air cushions for further safety and comfort. Another cool accessory you might want to consider for additional safety and convenience is a strip of safety matting. This often comes in a set right along with your safety bathmats and is simple to apply along the outer rim of your bathtub. The thin strip allows for easy entrance and exit for smaller members, and provides a safe foothold for shaving legs (for older members!)

In some stores, a decent bathmat can run you anywhere from ten to fifty dollars depending on the store, size, and material you choose. I found tons of great buys for less than ten dollars as well at Bizrate. Visit Target and Best Buy online or in person for some more great deals on anything you are looking for, including fun bathmats!

Bathmats are a fun addition to any bathroom. Whether you are an expecting mother, or a single bachelor, you can use bathmats to liven up your bathroom and shower. So get a grip! For your own safety and comfort, purchase a pleasant and reliable bathmat today.

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