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Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Gift Ideas

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A newborn elicits a strange and wonderful feeling from nearly anyone within its range. Finding baby gifts for these tiny bundles of life is exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. You want to get personalized baby gifts so that these uniquely precious jewels will remember you always, and you also want practical baby gift ideas that mom and dad can get some use out of. With so many options staring us in the face, a decision is difficult to come to. From handmade baby gifts to store bought but unique baby gifts, here are our top 20 baby gift ideas to help you make your final choice.

Top 20 Baby Gifts

1. Baby blankets- Cozy and soft, purchased or handmade, baby blankets are the perfect gift to keep baby safe and warm at night or during cold weather.

2. Booties-- Baby's feet get cold even during the warmer months, and and socks are certainly the cutest ways to keep those little piggies toasty. Again, these can be store-bought but are so simple to make, it's a shame not to.

3. Hooded towel- About as adorable as they come, wrap your new gift of life in a fuzzy hooded towel. Frugal gift-givers can make these from scratch or they can be found in nearly any pattern or style in most baby stores.

4. Spa treatment, soaps, etc. (for mommy)- Taking care of baby is a hard job with little or no reprieve. Give mom a relaxing break by treating her to a spa getaway or in-house spa treatment. This is a good idea especially if this is not the first child.

5. Care baskets - Particularly for first time parents, knowing what a new baby needs (and getting it all together) is sometimes a huge and daunting task. Alleviate this stressor by presenting new parents with a care package of all the useful items that babies often need. For example, baby shampoo, lufa, baby powder, wipes, wash cloth, baby q-tips, baby lotion, baby nail clippers, baby Tylenol, thermometer, package of rompers (onesies), bottle set, pacifier and clip, and any other item parents might not think of. These baby gifts are guaranteed to be used and greatly appreciated.

6. Bibs- Bibs can range from humorous for a good laugh to stylish so your baby can look good even during mealtime. A bib is one present that can and should be made by hand to increase the value and sentimentality of the item. has plenty of crochet patterns for easy to make baby bibs that you can whip up in a few minutes so you can give newborn parents a few to rotate in between washes.

7. Stuffed animals or terry cloth bath toys- Plush toys are always fun and adorable baby gift ideas. Stuffed animals are great toys during playtime and double as cuddly companions at night. Often, these dolls are the ones held onto for decades and bring back wonderful memories or waves of nostalgia when unpacked or viewed many years later.

8. Baby album- These can be store-bought and left blank for parents to have fun filling up. You can also create beautifully personalized baby gifts from scrapbooks that friends and family will cherish. Decorate each page of the album with sweet and sentimental embellishments. Be sure to leave room for additions.

9. Photo album or picture frame- This is the same idea as the baby album. Store-bought or handmade, everyone loves looking at pictures of their new bundles of joys.

10. Toys for the older sibling- This is one of the best baby gift ideas for a family with young children. Bringing a new baby home ushers in plenty of emotions for everyone. Siblings are often swept up in this whirlwind, and, sadly, overlooked. By giving a gift to an older sibling, you can transform this confusing time in a child's life into an enjoyable experience that will make him or her happy to have become the big brother or sister.

11. Trendy diaper bag- Now that there's a new baby around, mom and dad have lots of stuff to lug around all the time. Make they're load a little lighter with a fun and trendy diaper bag. There are thousands of styles and patterns on the market with many attractive and nifty features such as easy access pockets, additional storage areas and detachable convenience items. Who says having a baby means the end of style?

12. Hand and foot print kit/ornament- This is an inexpensive baby gift idea that is certainly going to be cherished forever. Those little tiny hand/foot prints are adorable and totally unique to your baby so capture that signature forever.

13. Flowers or a plant- Bringing a splash of color into the house might be just the thing a mom or dad needs after a long and hard night with the newborn. Plants emit oxygen and many have cleansing and medicinal properties to them. So the addition of a new plant will actually imbue the house with some natural aromatherapy, as well as color and a refreshingly clear atmosphere.

14. Something to decorate the nursery- Around the clock baby care doesn't leave new parents much time for decorating. That's why a nice decor item will be appreciated so much. Whether it's a lamp, a wall fixture, or a shelf item, a new furnishing will be warmly welcomed into the newborn's home.

15. Personalized jewelry- One of the sweetest sights you could ever see is a tiny wrist bedecked with a simple silver name bracelet. Whether it's initials or a full name, this dainty and delicate gift is one of life's sweetest simplicities and certainly an adorable baby gift idea.

16. Wall nameplate- Nameplates are terrific personalized baby gifts. These come in every variety under the sun from safari animals to retro-style letters. Spell out full names or nicknames, and choose a style to match the nursery/bedroom decor for a lovely wall decoration that kids and parents are sure to love.

17. Gift sets- For the gift giver with no time to spare, gift sets are available in every size, shape and form. From bath gift sets to crafts, you can get any type of gift set, uniquely packaged and impressively wrapped for that special delivery.

18. Clothing items- Clothes are some of the most well liked baby gifts for both givers and receivers. They're adorable, they're colorful and they're loaded with usability. Parents will certainly appreciate another outfit, as laundry is difficult to get done with a newborn around, and picking out tiny outfits never loses its novelty.

19. Books, music or other forms of entertainment- It's never too early to stimulate growth and start thinking about their education. Get entertaining books to read together with your baby or beautiful music to stimulate or relax baby at the right time.

20. My very own name personalized storybook/fairytale- This is a fabulous site for adorable personalized baby gifts that offers many fun baby gift ideas. Though most are more than a frugal shopper would be willing to spend, it's worth looking at even just to get inspiration for some unique baby gifts that you can make on your own.

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