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Baby Blankets Make Great Baby Gifts

Baby Blankets Make Great Baby Gifts

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Baby blankets rate as one of the top baby gifts of all time. People love to swaddle their little ones in soft and colorful blankets. Handmade baby blankets just add sentimentality, individuality and a lot of TLC to an already adored gift item. Your best friend just had a precious little baby girl? Surprise her with unique baby gifts like homemade baby blankets or a monogrammed quilt? Twins? Why not give a pair of personalized baby blankets to the new parents? You can make his and hers or two peas in a pod blanket sets for two of the same gender babies. Baby blankets make touching presents that are guaranteed to get plenty of use.

Pink is the classic color of baby girls and that is because baby girls are sweeter than sugar cane. Mint green, orange creamcicle and purple are other more neutral colors that parents use for girls as well. Boys look simply angelic in a soft baby blue blanket, but shades of blue, green, red, and brown will work well too. If the expecting parents are going for a surprise, you can go with cream, gray or yellow to play it safe. Here are a few ways to create personalized baby blankets for your next bundle of joy.

Handmade baby blankets

Personalized baby blankets

Regardless of how much or how little you do towards creating the present, baby gifts are always appreciated. Parents of newborns are so overwhelmed with this exciting and exhausting new addition to their lives that every ounce of thoughtfulness is treasured. This is one area of gift giving where you can truly say, it is the thought that counts. For more great baby gift ideas, read our top 20 article and visit our fleece site for more fuzzy blanket and craft projects.

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