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African American Wigs

African American Wigs

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African American hairstyles differ from those of Caucasian styles. This is because the texture and natural form of the hair is different. As such, African American wigs are going to be unlike Caucasian wigs as well. No less professional, African American wigs come in a variety of attractive colors, styles, and textures to fit your taste or mood.

Many African American wigs have lace fronts, which are attached to the scalp with a bonding or adhesive agent. The result is a seamless and natural hairstyle. These wigs can stay on for many days or even weeks at a time. They look as if the hair is actually growing from the scalp, and, if properly applied are undetectable.

So many of your favorites in Hollywood are wearing African American wigs. Most of them are so professionally done, fans would never even know it. The beloved Little Richard was at the forefront of wig-wearing. Ashanti plays around with different styles from straight and sexy to tied-back sporty fun. Beyonce also has fabulous wigs, though she did have her little mishap on stage when she sang just a little too hard and her hairline shifted. So do Cher, Jennifer Lopez, and Maya too. Tyra Banks dons a great short and fun wig at the Emmys. Not to mention Patti Labelle, Halle Berry, and Missy Elliot. And that's not everyone! Convenient and creative, wigs are becoming the latest craze in hair fashion today.

Whether you are looking for a soft straight and seductive style, or prefer the traditional "black is beautiful" with beads and braids that offer a cross between the time-honored styles and a funky fun do, there is a wig to meet your specific taste. From jet black to crimson or auburn, platinum blonde to bonny blue, African American wigs come in a rainbow of colors as well. Straight, kinky, tight curls, loose curls, "U" curls, "J" curls, shoulder-length, waist length, the list of choices is a mile long. And we can't forget the Afro hairstyle. From the late sixties and early 70's when Jimi Hendrix and Malcolm X were showing their support, to Lauryn Hill in present day, the Afro is an old favorite that is still popular. It's a style that certainly earns the title "out there".

How realistic African American wigs will look depends on hair quality and application. Human hair always looks more natural than synthetics. It is not necessary to call in a professional to naturally bond a wig. Follow these easy steps, and your wig should come out seamless and beautiful.

So next time you are in the mood of a new look, don't risk it on your own hair. African American wigs offer variety and style without any of the drawbacks of a bad haircut. With versatility and practical usage unmatched by any other accessory on the market, wigs are quickly becoming the popular choice among stars and the world at large. Read more about wigs and hair extensions, and jump on the bandwagon.

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