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Are you a sewing expert or a novice? Have you been sewing all your life, or do you not know the difference between a spool and a bobbin? Are you looking for practical ways to beautify your home, or for an original, personalized gift? No matter if you're none, one, or all of the above, if you have any interest at all in sewing - you'll be sure to find something on Sara Glenn's Stitch'nSave website.

Sara Glenn is the pen name of an author who has always loved the personal touch - in gifts, home decor, clothing, accessories - really, in everything! She discovered that one of the most useful, practical and economical ways to beautify and personalize home and possessions is by sewing. Over the years, she has amassed a wealth of sewing knowledge and experience - and now, she shares that expertise through sewing projects that are as much fun to read about as they are to do! Easy to follow, step by step instructions are peppered with sewing tips, hints, and decorative ideas that stimulate your imagination and enrich your sewing skills with each project that you do.

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Sara welcomes your input, and can't wait to hear about your sewing ideas and experiences. You can email her at: emailsubscription --AT--

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